Adler Versicherung AG

Adler Versicherung AG

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Adler Versicherung AG



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Adler Versicherung AG
Leibnizstr. 3-4
106 25

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We offer rental of portable stages (sheltered/unsheltered), and stepped stages with railing. Sheltered stages 6x4 m, stages 8 x 5 m, or stages 10 x 8 m. These types of stages are the most common options. The unsheltered stages have no dimension limits.

Bandage, the active carbon

Bandage, the active carbon: the only sterile dressing with active microfilamentous carbon with absorbing capacity enhanced by the presence of active non-woven fabric ( PPR 50 % / HV 50 % ) completed by folded cover gauze. Packing: 10 or 25 pieces.

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